Welcome to PokestopDB

At PokestopDB you can find the best Pokestop and Pokegym locations. Collected by trainers all over the world, these locations make playing more efficient and fun!

Overlap Locations

PokestopDB tracks locations where multiple Pokestops and Pokegyms overlap. This allows you to constantly collect items and catch Pokemon, or battle it out at a gym while you wait for more lures to be activated.

Entertainment Locations

We also track locations that can be reached from within popular entertainment and dining locations. Find bars, restaurants, and attractions that have Pokestops and Pokegyms that can be reached from within.

Meet Ups

PokestopDB also has listings of areas where you can usually find large amounts of other trainers present. This is a great way to play Pokemon Go while meeting new friends, and getting in on non stop lure action!