Here you can submit a Pokestop or Gym location you have come across out in the world. Please try to be as accurate as possible when entering the information for the location you have found, and provide a great screenshot for it as well to really help other trainers. PokestopDB does not just track every regular degular location out there, here are some examples of acceptable locations:

  • Areas with multiple Pokestops / Pokegyms in a close radius
  • Combinations of Pokestops / Pokegyms close together
  • Restaurants, bars, or other establishments you can reach Pokestops / Pokegyms from
  • “Meet Up” locations where there are normally groups of Trainers present
  • You get the idea, that single random Pokestop at the end of your street is not for PokestopDB!

Please Note! Locations that do not contain accurate information, or do not stand out as a beneficial location may be removed.

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